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We organize different events every year to allow our festivals to award their prizes when they prefer. In each event our employees deliver the certificates and prizes to the winners of each participating festival. All the chosen locations are of great importance, elegance and fame in perfect harmony with our project.

In addition to this, every year we organize a single big event for the delivery of the "2PFN Awards". All winners of the 12 months prior to the event are registered by right, completely free of charge. The jury, composed of a representative for each of our festivals, selects a winner for each of the following categories at its sole discretion.

The winners so selected will receive the "2PFN Awards", in an elegant event in a unique setting.

Organization of prize-giving evenings

Including film screenings

We organize different awards evenings every year where the prizes of all the registered festivals are given. Plus a final evening, once a year, for the delivery of the "2PFN Awards".

Promotion of registered festivals

Mailing list with over 30k members

We promote the registered festivals through our mailing list and our social networks: we periodically send the most relevant news of each of our festivals by email and we publish them on social media.

Logistics and hospitality management

For all festival guests

We can take care of hospitality and travel for the guests of all the registered festivals: we receive them on arrival, we accompany them to the hotel, to screenings and events.

Workshops and training courses

Exchange and growth opportunities

Together with our events, we organize workshops and training courses for the film world: opportunities for information exchange and professional growth.

Sale of statuettes and gadgets

Including shipping services

We have large deposits organized with integrated logistics systems: from our site we can take care of the entire supply chain, from stocking to packaging, from order to shipment.

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